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What folks are saying about the R1:


R1 Natural iPhone CK Mar 2012

“We love the very clear sound of the R1, and are amazed at how it can pick up all the FM stations from Toronto, an hour’s drive away, perfectly clearly. The R1 is easy to move around to have clear-sounding music nearby wherever I am working, and becomes our main sound system at the cottage in the summer.”

Jeff and Carrol D, Kitchener, On

"Listening to the R1 radio was like being at a live concert!  The sound was just tremendous and well balanced, very soothing to the ears.  Could not believe it was coming from such a small radio.  I love the size and so well finished, it fits anywhere."    

Marie Lou from  Gatineau, Québec

"I found the R1's sleek design and 60's throwback look appealing and a lovely addition to any room. What overwhelmed me was the sound. I've listened to the Bose Wave II, but it doesn't come close to the clarity and depth of the R1. The R1 has exceptional sound, is user friendly and a truly wise purchase for audiophiles or for anyone for that matter. "

Judy B, Toronto

"Listening to the R1 at a Muskoka cottage in the evening playing a Swiss Radio broadcast via an iPod provided an experience reminiscent of a live concert.  Very impressive in performance and design!"

Mel M Ottawa, On

"I love my R1 radio. In fact, I have no need for any other sound system. Right now, I am listening to classical French folk music which comes through with crystal-clear sound. I am very impressed with the bass such a seemingly small radio can produce. I had 40 people over for a party and it was so simple to connect the iPod to listen to our favourite music playlists for hours. A music lover's must!

Sara M, Toronto

After living in Paris for a year and half, I have been fortunate to attend concerts at Opera Garnier and Bastille. I consider myself an avid listener of classic and jazz music. R1 was introduced to me by a Canadian friend a couple of months ago. Ever since I tune my favourite French classical radio station, I close my eyes and the R1 takes me away to the Opera house.

Luis H, from Paris, France