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Ordering: To order the R1 on a 45-day return-to-factory money-back trial, and a 2-year return to factory full repair warranty, select the color you wish and click the 'Buy Now' button below and use your credit card.  (A Paypal account isn't required: when asked, just click 'Don't Have a Paypal account'.)

Order Confirmation: You will receive an order confirmation by return e-mail within 24 hours, and will also receive an e-mail when the product ships, usually within 2 business days.

Trial Period Return:  We believe you will be totally delighted with your R1.  However, if for any reason, you decide to return the unit within 45 days after you receive it, your credit card will be fully re-imbursed for the purchase value less shipping charges, once it is received in good condition, preferably in the original factory shipping box.

Warranty: The R1 has undergone over 100,000 hours of testing without a single failure, helping ensure reliable operation for many years.  Please refer to the Support Page for details of the 2 year warranty.

Questions: Ordering on-line allows a lower price on a product of this quality, finely crafted here in North America.   If you have any further questions or comments, please e-mail us at - we look forward to responding promptly!  And remember that you can always return your R1 if it doesn't fully satisfy - so your investment is only the amount of the shipping costs.

Cabinet Colors: Please also see the R1 Cabinet page for another look at the 3 available colors.

R1 Cherry 250px Jun 23 2011

R1 in Cherry on Oak

Regular Price $649.00

Now -  $599.00

R1 Natural 250px Jun 23 2011

R1 in Natural on Oak

Regular Price $649.00

Now  - $599.00

R1 Walnut 250px Jun 23 2011

R1 in Walnut on Oak

Regular Price $649.00

Now -  $599.00