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The Pine Bay R1 . . .for beautifully lifelike music

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If you appreciate well-reproduced music, you'll love the front row center sounds of the R1.You'll not only hear the instruments - you'll hear the fingers on the strings!

On well-recorded music, the R1 sounds like the performers are right in front of you! Here's how:

Full Frequency Range: The R1 delivers very low distortion sound across the entire audio range from 80 Hz to 20,000 Hz, articulating each distinct pluck of the bass, startlingly clear vocals, and shimmering cymbals.

Massive Speakers: The R1 delivers a very full-bodied sound with its four audiophile-quality speakers: two 4 inch heavy-magnet woofers and two soft-dome tweeters. Bronze-aluminum woofer cones provide very high realism on metal strings and brass instruments.

Direct Drive/Advanced Crossover: The speakers are directly driven by four extremely low distortion power drivers. An advanced linear-phase crossover network keeps the speakers working in tight harmony across the full range, providing startling sound clarity on well-recorded music.

Sealed Enclosures: The speakers are mounted in sealed chambers with acoustic damping material, ensuring accurate bass response without boominess.

Advanced Soundstage Design: The R1 provides both strong center-stage output from the front, and strong left/right stereo sound from the sides, for impressively spacious ‘orchestra in the room’ ambience.

Low Distortion: The R1's very low distortion is achieved by using an all-analog design, low distortion components, and direct-coupling. Its power output stages provide a distortion level of only 0.08% across the entire audio range.

Advanced Loudness Control: The R1 provides full-bodied lifelike sound even at low listening levels.The extensive loudness system automatically compensates for our ears reduced sensitivity to bass at lower levels, so that the full range of sounds from an original 90 dB (concert-level) performance can be heard down to 50 dB (quiet conversational) levels.

..... All this provides the best sound available in a radio!