Pine Bay Logo Mar 2012

        The Pine Bay R1 . . . . . . A Complete Feature Set

R1 Alone 125X125 R1 Volume Pix 250px Jan 26 2011 R1 Bass Display 250 px Jan 20 2011 R1 Mid Display 250px Jan 26 2011 R1 Treble Display 250px Jan 26 2011 R1 Back Panel

The R1 provides all these thoughtful features:

  • Complete Bass, Mid-range, and Treble controls
  • Volume control precisely settable in small 1 dB steps
  • All controls have precise 24-detent operation
  • A variable 'Loudness' control ensures that, even at low listening levels, the music is lifelike and full-bodied with satisfying bass
  • Alarm clock functions, complete with variable-timed Sleep and Snooze times, with gradual fade-in turn-on
  • Two auxiliary inputs, each with their own 'Level' setting, to ensure all inputs play at the same level
  • Output for Headphones or Line Out
  • USB Power Out to keep your iPod/iPhone charged.