Pine Bay Logo Mar 2012

The Pine Bay R1 . . . Outstanding FM and AM Reception

The R1 brings in clear sound on distant FM stations that other radios can't.  Its very high sensitivity (pulling in stations 5 times weaker than another premium radio product, in side-by-side tests), ability to separate adjacent-channel stations, and special weak-signal handling features ensure unsurpassed performance, delivering solid stable sound without background hiss.  

Quartz-lock tuning ensures the R1 is always properly tuned, and its outstanding selectivity brings in weak stations even if they are next to strong ones on the dial.

Dual Whip Antennas: For extreme-fringe stations, the R1 has not one but two whip antennas, which can be extended and directed rabbit-ear-style to really pull in the weak signals.

External Antennas: The R1 also accommodates external antennas, such as separate rabbit ears, via a standard cable TV 'F' connector - useful when the whip antennas are not practical.  

Thee Tune Modes Use 'Seek' to quickly find next station, 'Tune Favorites' to rapidly hear what's on your pre-selected favorites, or use the manual 'Tune' mode to find weak stations.

Signal Strength /Signal Quality Indicators: A signal strength indicator (calibrated in dbf), and a signal quality indicator (0 to 100%) helps you orient antennas for best reception. 

Interference Filter: A special low-pass filter ensures wireless phones and Wi-Fi networks do not cause interference.

AM: The R1 also provides outstanding AM reception, with a large internal AM loop antenna, shielded to filter out household electrical noise, to pull in far-away AM stations with less background noise.

R1 Alone 125X125 R1 Dual Whip 200px R1 Seek Pix 250 px Jan 24 2011 R1 Tune Fav Pix 250 px Jan 20 2011 R1 Tune Display 250 px Jan 24 2011