Pine Bay Logo Mar 2012

What We Do

Pine Bay is dedicated to setting new standards for clear, lifelike, natural sound, in extremely easy to use, high-quality consumer audio products.

Our goal is to produce solid products that will be valued for many years, providing outstanding audio listening pleasure and a timeless style.

About Pine Bay

Pine Bay is located in the Waterloo Region of Canada, home of both the Blackberry smartphone and a hard-working Mennonite community, combining high technology with old-world craftsmanship. Pine Bay's products are inspired by the crisp clarity and rugged durability of nature.

Our Products

Pine Bay offers the R1 Table Radio/Stereo, providing startlingly clear natural sound from FM radio and your iPod, iPhone, or iPad, or other mobile device, in a compact and rugged solid-wood cabinet.  You can find the details  under the 'Products' tab. 

R1 Kit